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Gotham Academy Second Semester #2 Comic Book Review


It seems appropriate that this has come out at the beginning of a school year for so many people, at least in the UK. We get to see the Gotham Academy detective club do what they do best. With a new year come new friends and new problems to boot, Olive and Maps have been separated as Olive is stuck with a new roommate who is kind of a guarded and jaded bitch, unintentionally leaving Maps out in the cold and forcing herself to spend less time with the club. On top of that people are still reeling from last years problems and still there are more coming for this year, because students are starting to vanish ! I guess Gotham Academy have their work cut out for them and its up to Olive, Maps and company to save the day.


If you have been keeping up with our VLOG you will know that we at Nerdgeist are huge fans of this series. In my opinion it has helped breathe fresh life into the Gotham titles, helping bring an abnormal slice of normality to the dark city. Gotham Academy combines luscious artwork, fun characters and outrageous situations together effortlessly and it helps cement this as a great addition to the extended universe that helps make up the Batman mythos, even if he hardly appears in the series, though in my opinion that somehow makes it better. OK don’t get mad at me just hear me out, seeing Batman all the time takes away the power that he has, because we know all his tricks, but here on that rare occasion he pops up, it’s a genuine thrill and surprise to see him. SO GUYS HAVE A GREAT SEMESTER !


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