A Salute to the Music Department of Stalker


Stalker is CBS’s latest crime drama, focusing on stalking cases rather than murders. This unique twist has won the show a loyal fanbase and has made it one of the most talked about shows of the fall season. Here at Nerdgeist we rated the pilot 3.5/5 and since then it has only gotten better. However this article isn’t about good the show is, it’s about how good the show’s music department is.

Music has a very strong part to play in film and television. It is probably one of the more underrated aspects of a show/movie. Understandably viewers are more likely to be attracted to gripping plots, character relationships and special effects but without music a show would be lacking. The right music can take a scene from good to great, making it more exciting, heartbreaking or unnerving. Music can have a real emotional impact on the audience, as it has clearly done with Stalker.

Stalker is a show full of suspense, cue lots of tension building and chilling music throughout the episodes. However what really makes Stalker stand out is the songs played at the end of each episode.

At the end of the pilot we saw the main antagonist of the series standing outside the main protagonist’s house watching her. The song ‘Creep’, covered by Michelle Branch, began to play, so perfectly describing the character and hinting at how this ongoing storyline would unfold. It was so fitting; it sent shivers down my spine. It was the perfect way to end the first episode.

But it didn’t just end with the pilot. Instead it was decided that these haunting songs would conclude every episode. Hailed as the anthems of Stalker, these songs have become a staple of the show. Every song is a cover, arranged in such a way to keep up the sinister and scary vibe of the show right until the credits roll. The lyrics of each song are also a great match to the show’s title, usually alluding to some creepy or obsessive behaviour. Each song fits not only to the show but also to the episode that it goes with.

Stalker has actually made me see these songs in a different light. Tunes like ‘One Way Or Another’ and ‘I Want You To Want Me’ have always seemed like fun classic 80’s hits but when broken down into a softer melody as in Stalker a much darker tone is suggested. I also had never realised that the words to classic romantic power ballad ‘Every Breath You Take’ were so creepy until it was played in the show.

But what I really love is the quality of each of the covers. You get the feeling that they have been very carefully selected, and not just picked because they contain some stalkerish lyrics. The arrangements are superb and the artists performing them very talented. In fact they are all so good; I would buy each one in a heartbeat.


There are even calls from the fans for a soundtrack to be made. Twitter users especially have been vocal in their desire for this and in their praise for the music department. Someone has even created a Twitter account dedicated to the music of the show. Fans can also find the songs complied into playlists on YouTube.

But of course the best way to enjoy the tracks and get that haunting vibe is to watch the show itself!

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