Akidearest Shows Off Multiple Ghost Type Pokemon Styles

If you are ever looking for a fun and unbiased view of what life in Japan is like then I highly recommend you check out Akidearest Youtube channel, or see her works with Tokyo Creative, no matter what she is an epic talent and so entertaining to watch. I have been hooked ever since I saw her video on Halloween in Tokyo, so it only seemed appropriate that I linked you to her latest Halloween posts. In these posts she shows off outfits inspired by the original three Ghost Type Pokemon Gastly, Haunter and of course Gengar. 

As a Pokemon fan I am a huge fan of thse outfits and I am struggling to pick a fan though I have narrowed it down to a choice between Ghastly and Gengar. So down from three to two, not exactly progress but it is Halooween so please cut me some slack,


I think the look is a healthy mix of stylish, edgy and utter badass. What do you think?

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