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Another Games Worshop Based Youtube Channel Is Gone

Games workshop was my first heavy dive into nerd culture. I was probably about ten years old when I got my copy of Warhammer 40k and I was addicted, it gave me a life long friends, my first win in a gaming tournament, a love of reading, a love of history, spurned me on to learn Latin and helped me through some really shitty times in my life. But their actions recently have really got my blood boiling.

They have systematically closed down several major fan led Youtube channels. And in response to this several other channels have stopped posting new content, the latest of which is the series “If The Emperor had a Text-to-Speech Device”.

As it currently stands the creator of the series does not feel comfortable making videos since he fears being sued by GW and cannot afford that !

He passionately talked about living Warhammer but feels that he has the Sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

Your fans should never be afraid of you, fans should love you.

Warhammer is an expensive hobby and should be able to be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but what GW have done here just terrible. They have taken a zero tolerance approach to any and all fan made content, which is utterly foolish.

I borrowed this from Reddit because I think it sums up how many of the fans are feeling:

This is not the first strike, several other Youtubers where hired by GW, but at that point they had to shut their channels down, which just seems baffling. None of these channels are competition they are advertisements.

It is about time this company changes its practices and treats its fans with respect.

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