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Your Geeky Girl Crushes Part 18

It has been a while since we have continued to prove that being beautiful does not disqualify a women from being nerdy, geeky and dorky. As I said on numerous occasions if you are a fan and think you could help us come up with a male equivalent list then please contact us.  


Jennifer Kretchmer


Jennifer Kretchmer is a television producer, writer, director, and performer. With an interest in Sci-Fi, horror, and fantasy storytelling, Jen is very active in the genre, geek, and tabletop gaming communities. She is the executive producer and co-creator of the hit tabletop series Monsters and Fables, which airs on the official Dungeons & Dragons channel, and she has appeared as a guest on numerous shows for Geek and Sundry, Machinima, and Saving Throw, among others, and is a core cast member on one of the most popular livestreaming tabletop shows, D&D Beyond’s Heroes of the Vale. 



Kirsten is one of the newest presenters on WhatCuture and she has quickly garnered her own fanbase from there. She has a great taste in all things nerdy and a fantastic sense, making this English Rose one of the darlings of the nerd world.

Naomi Wu

A Colleague of mine described Naomi Wu as a total badass citing the fact that when everyone claimed that she could not “look like that” and be a nerd she proved the haters wrong by dismantling a very complex piece of machinery, cleaning it and then putting it back together. Honestly this is all the proof that I needed. 

Briana White

Not only is Briana White an avid gamer and utterly delightful she is also the voice behind Aerith Gainsborough.

So excuse me, but this women has definitely earned her nerd cred.

Fiona Nova

Fiona Nova is a content creator, production coordinator, streamer, and recurring host on Achievement Hunter. In addition to Achievement Hunter, Fiona is a cosplayer and a streamer. In addition, Fiona is self-described as esports talent, an actor, and personality.

Pans Piano

If you just love the music from famous video games and anime  then this Youtuber has you covered. Seriously check her out she is such a talented musician. 


Momo kurumi Cosplay

What kind of geeky girl crush list would it be without a cosplayer on it (in fact we have several) and first up we have Momo Kurumi Cosplay. She has been going since 2007 and has over 100 costumes under her belt.


Emma Felice

If you are ever curious to what life is like in Japan then you need to check out Emma Felice. Her YouTube videos are a mixture of chill and hilarious, she is so charming and entertaining and one of my all time favorite You-tubers.

Meggii cosplay

Our second Cosplayer to make it onto this list. This Canadian wonder has quickly gained quite the following and one look at her costumes and it is obvious as to why that is.



Nicole known online as Neekolul or neeko, is an American Twitch streamer and TikTok personality. Her popularity online rose when she uploaded a TikTok featuring her lip syncing to the song “Oki Doki Boomer” while wearing a Bernie 2020 t-shirt. She is known to stream in both English and Spanish and is known for streaming both Call Of Duty and Fortnite.

Do you think we missed anyone?

If so comment below or check out our previous lists.

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