Gremlins Is Back, Sort Of…

I love the Gremlins films, number 1 is one of the all time great Christmas films and two is satire at its finest. Again I am willing to die on both those hills so fight me…

Sadly the fans are still to get a third film in the franchise, or a Netflix series. In place of that for now Mountain Dew has stepped in with this fantastic advert.

As you all know there are three rules to keeping a Mogwai:

1. They hate bright lights, especially sunlight, because it can kill them.
2. Keep yours away from water. Don’t give it any to drink, and don’t give it a bath.
3. Don’t ever feed it after midnight.

Mountain Dew’s new advert see’s Zach Galligan  returning to his role in the Franchise, of course as always he is teemed up with his best mate the always adorable Gizmo. We also find out that in years since Gremlins 2 Billy has had a daughter, who seems to have her own Mogwai.

(btw How cute was the little grey hair that Gizmo now has)


Anyway long story short, Gizmo tries to drink Mountain Dew, spills some on himself and then chaos ensues.

All I can say is – WE WANT MORE !!!!


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