Join Legendary Gravure Model Saaya Irie For A Weekend Away

Saaya Irie is possible one of the most famous Gravure models to have ever worked. In recent years she has stepped away from the modelling to focus on expanding her career, from conventional acting to even appearing in the Biohazard (Resident Evil) Staged Play.


But recently she has been teasing her fans with a return to modelling. To promote this she has started uploading more and more material to her own Youtube channel and did an indie funding project to create her own photobook, one funded by her fans for her fans. It really was an interesting concept, but one that many latched onto.

Recently she has begun to show the fruits of her labor with a few teases about the upcoming photobook.

Though she has also teamed up with the JR Kyushu sightseeing train that debuted in October. In this Whimsical masup you can join Saaya and purchase a new photo collection that depicts her on the trip. Described as a digital photo book that makes you feel like traveling together!

(It reads – “Go with Saaya! 1 night 2 days Yukemuri Kyushu luxury train trip “)

Also if you are a fan you can follow her on Twitter and Voicy, the links for both of those are below.

An interesting concept indeed and one that seems to have born some fruit.

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