Square Enix Just Dropped A Banging Track

Until very recently I was not familial with the Primals but after hearing this track I just need more of them in my life. To fill you all in, The Primals are a band made up of Masayoshi Soken, Eikichi Iwai, GUNN, Michael-Christopher Koji Fox and Tetsuya Tachibana. At least two of which have worked on Final Fantasy XIV. They cover music from Final Fantasy XIV in a metal style, the vast majority of which was composed by Soken.

With the drop of the newest trailer for Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion the fans had thought that this would be it for a while, but no Square Enix where not done with them just yet. The Primals just released this great music video for Scions & Sinners, and if like me you are stuck behind a desk today, then I suggest cranking up the volume and getting weird, because this song is exactly what I need right now.

If you are a fan and want more then I suggest getting to a Final Fantasy XIV fan event because that is the best place to see this band perform.

Now if you do not mind I am going to go back to blasting this track at full volume.

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