Tom Hanks Gives It His All In Greyhound

Written by Tom Hanks and based on the best seller, The Good Shepherd, Greyhound see’s Lieutenant Commander Ernest Krause, also played by Hanks, lead an international convoy at the height of World War 2 across the Atlantic ocean. Throughout Greyhound we will see the fleet targeted by German Submarines, known as wolf packs and we will see the allies try and mostly fail to stop them. From what I can gather this film is set shortly after America’s entry into World War 2. Which means that though Lieutenant Commander Ernest Krause is the senior commander he is also the one with the least battlefield experience.

Though the film is most definitely a World War 2 period piece in a way it gives me horror movie vibes. Think about it, the men on these vessels, who where some of the bravest men to ever serve, my Grand Father included, where constantly being hunted by an unseen foe. That can lead to a state of PTSD refereed to as Condition Yellow, where you are always one edge. It is stress the likes of which none of us would be ready for.

The films looks great and ok maybe a little too much CGI for my liking but it was filmed on an actual destroyer so it should be an interesting watch, one I will be seeing ASAP.

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