We Finally Got Our First Glimpse At El Camino

I am still not sure if we need this film, though it may just surprise us all and be something amazing. If you never watched Breaking Bad then be warned there will be spoilers ahead. The original series followed Walter White a Chemistry teacher turned Drug Lord on his rise to power, along the way he allied himself with Jessie Pinkman. Jessie and Walter would soon form a very unhealthy father/son relationship that in the end would lead Walter to sacrifice himself to save Jessie in a truly noble death, one that helped redeem Walter and possibly one that would let the man rest in peace.

It looks like El Camino will be set after Breaking Bad and follow Jessie as he runs from the law and his surviving captors in a tense film that reunites him with Vince Gilligan. Who will be working as both writer and director. This looks to be some much watch Television and Netlfix probably have another hit on their hands.




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