Dark Fate, Please Do Not Break My Heart

The Terminator franchise has been very hit and miss, with some amazing films and some awful films I guess it is as good as the flip of a coin. Terminator: Dark Fate looks like it may be one of the better in the franchise. 

To keep you all up to speed, this film is now acting as a direct sequel to T2: Judgement Day, so forget all the other films in the franchise. Ok I say forget but the team behind it clearly have not as they have taken some of the more interesting ideas from the franchise and incorporated them into this new film. 

  • We see advanced liquid terminators

  • Cyborgs

  • An aged Terminator

  • And the return of a few old favorite characters

This looks to be exactly what the franchise needed. Though I wonder why Sarah Connor wants to kill Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character. The trailer does not give much away and we still have yet to see John Connor appear, I guess they are still trying to keep a lot of this quiet – the way it should be.


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