Marvel Phase 4 – Could The High Evolutionary Be Next

As villains go Thanos is nearly impossible to replace. He was extremely well done in that he was not completely wrong. I know many people are assuming that Galactus could be the next big bad of the MCU but to me that would not make any sense, after all Galactus is more a force of nature than villain. If you want a great opponent for the Avengers then maybe you need someone who could be both enemy and ally, someone who is not completely wrong and someone with both the brains and the brawn to go toe to toe with Earths mightiest heroes. It is with that line of enquirery that I am nominating The High Evolutionary to be the big bad of phase 4.

So Who is the High Evolutionary?

Originally a brilliant yet normal man known as Herbert Edgar Wyndham, all that would change when he was approached by one of the Deviants, who gave Herbert the secret to breaking down and altering the human genetic code. He would go on to be both friend and doe to many of the marvel universe greatest heroes. helping raise the children of Magneto, Battling Thor, creating the Spider-Women and he even helped Magneto invade San Francisco, to name a few of his deeds. He would be entertaining to say the least. 

Outside of the comics very few people know who he is, which means when using him, he could be a she or anything in between. The High Evolutionary is also a complete power house with superhuman strength and durability, manipulating matter at a subatomic level, energy manipulation and projection, cosmic awareness, precognition, telepathy, telekinesis, extra-dimensional travel, and size alteration. On one occasion, he managed to hold his own against Galactus. If that was not enough of a display of power we cannot forget that he also has an advanced exosuit that can defeat almost anything Tony Stark could throw it. But none of that matters because he also has a massive army of half human soldiers who would be near fanatical to his cause. 

What Avenger could stand against him?

Not only that but he has ties to the Deviants, who will appear in the Eternal’s, Mr Sinister, Scarlet Witch, Spider Women and Adam Warlock. The High Evolutionary could be possibly retooled into a former AIM employee who allied himself with the Deviants into order to master Extremis and has gone on from there. Or he could be much older and more in line with his comic book counterpart. Either way it would be great to see him on screen.

Who could play him?

If you wanted to have an older distinguished English Gentleman who would be commanding and sympathetic then why not go with Charles Dance. He would be absolutely perfect for the role, plus if they went ahead and cast my dream actor for Adam Warlock then there would already be a fantastic dynamic there. He could even be used as the creator of Rocket Raccoon…

In a world that is becoming more and more clued into genetics and one where our biggest fear is the next a biological terrorist attack then someone like this could be very relevant.

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