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Another 10 Desirable Women in Gaming

This is where things may get weird. I think my last list was a little to pedestrian so this time round I decided to try and mix things up. Below are ten more of gaming’s most desirable women.

Blaze Fielding – Streets of Rage

In the original Streets of Rage Blaze was my favorite character, she may have been weak but she was fast and with that speed it was hard to stop me, not only that but she wears red, which as a kid was the major selling point. As an adult I cant help but think that it just suits her and for many of my generation she might have been their original video game crush. What makes her so special then, she came from a time when a huge majority of games had only men, she was willing to fight villainous men on their own terms.

Catherine – Catherine

The main driving force in the game Catherine, which I have been told is “an unconventional romantic horror”. In the game you are a helpless fool he ends up cheating on his girl friend with the aforementioned Catherine. Looking at her pictures you might be thinking, lucky guy right …. You would be wrong. It turns out Catherine is a demonic succubus from the underworld. So you might say that she has been designed to be perfect, yes sleeping with her might get me killed, but it might not.

Female Draenei – World Of Warcraft

If you thought demons where weird how about tall blue skinned aliens with, hooves and horns, blessed by divine light. I know I am officially going to some weird places especially since this is an entire species that I am picking but you cannot deny there is a certain appeal. 

Nova Terra – Starcraft Universe

Nova is a powerful psionic who grew up on a far away world. She has been given training that would make her kick the ass of the SAS and she will look dam good doing it. Though ruthless to her enemies Nova showed a tender side when she actively avoided killing those she did not deem guilty. A psychic, soldier and skilled hacker it has been often said that Nova often instills lust and fear in males around her, her physical appearance driving the former emotion, and her telepathy instilling the latter one.

Kyoko Kirigiri – Danganronpa

Not the first time that a high school girl has made it onto one of my lists, and honestly I was tempted to go with Hifumi Togo from Persona 5 but it is hard to deny the complete badass that is Kyoko Kirigiri. A girl with amnesia (I am well aware that I am not selling her by pointing out her amnesia and age, but bare with me) Kirigiri manages to stand out from her peers by being an ace detective, showing a calculated, cold and detached manor that easily hide how caring she truly is. Typing this out I can not help but think I could have easily gone with Junko Enoshima who is designed to ooze sex appeal, but her mental state was just to off putting. In the end Kirigiri is the wise choice, easily by superior but never one to make someone feel inferior.

Isabela – Dragon Age 2

A pirate captain as likely to slit your throat as she is to sleep with you, never call her a wench and be warned she can and will drink you under the table. Isabela is anything but shy and the man at her side better be willing to be told more than a few lies while fighting for his life against all manor of foes, but if you manage to stay by her side long enough she will reveal a softer more caring attitude, one that could cut you in ways neither of you would imagine.

Katarina And Ahri – League Of Legends

These two share this spot because both are from the same game and both mirror each other in Darkness and in Light.

Katarina is the daughter of a powerful evil family, one who is become a master assassin, like our previous entry she would easily slice your throat. But with the tight black clothes and that long red hair, there is a dark primal force within her, one that few could resist.

Then for Ahri, who herself is a primal force, but one very different from Katarina. Raised in the wild this foxy lady wants to enjoy every facet of existence and is not one to wanna hold back, the man at her side will be running wild just to keep up with her.

Quistis Trepe – Final Fantasy VIII

Look she is battle hardened teacher who has a whip, if I need to explain why this is hot then I would rather not explain it at all, just sit back and use your imagination.

Cortana – halo

Yes I know she is an AI but still when they designed her they truly broke the mold. Smart, witty and charming to early Halo players she was everything, a loyal companion that the Master Chief depended upon, she can never be replaced.

Sylvanis Windrunner – World of Warcraft/ Warcraft 3

The queen of the undead, Warchief of the Horde, The dark lady herself, Sylvanis oozes confidence, she has the skill to kill you queitly and unseen but she also has the raw power to obliterate face to face. Few could face her without fear, she always has a plan and she is driven, there is little in this world that could oppose her and living or dead it would be hard to deny her beauty, just be warned that this rose has more than thorns to defend itself.

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