Amouranth Tries Her Hand At A Classic Prank

Well this is just cruel…

But it is still to much fun to take my eyes off of:

In Amouranth’s latest video prank she takes things into a more classic direction, by appealing to peoples fear of spiders. The prank is a basic one, but relies on a little bit of slight of hand. So sit back and enjoy the perfect way to end September and jump into October.

The prank sees the lovely Amouranth dressed in the outfit above, through a little deception she gets random strangers to hold her box, only to slide a fake spider onto their hand.

Sadly the prank does not go according to plan, but when it work, it really works.

I do look forward to her next prank video and hopefully it lands better than this one did.

And once again if you are a fan of this Cosplayer then check out her links below:






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