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JUDAS #2 – Continues to ask a lot of hard questions…

From the very start I knew this book was going to be a difficult read. Full confession here I was raised Catholic and very much consider myself Christian, though I am also a dirty liberal. For anyone familiar with both those stances you may be asking yourself how can I reconcile both of these, because after all they are diametrically opposed? For me its easy I look for the spirit of the law rather than the word of it. They way I see it the Bible has been translated and edited many many times, Its a simple fact that the Bible as we know it did not exist 2000 years ago (obviously as Jesus would have only been 18) but what I mean is, Jesus did not die and give us a bible the next day, it took many years to pull together various sources and even then a lot of material was left out, some of the material in the current book manages to contradict itself so when I hear biblical stories or people quote it to me I know that its OK to question these things as long as you have faith in the heart of the material then you can always find a truth. So when it comes to the New Testament I have gathered that humans purpose is to be good to others and try and be most excellent in life.

It is with this theme of faith that I am proceeding because Judas issue 2 deals with faith and the harsh realities of a life where you have lost faith. Now this faith does not need to be in God, it could be in yourself, another, or even an ideal. Judas has come face to face with Satan, and the fallen Light Bringer begins the process of wooing him. For what better prize is there for the Lord of Hell than the man who sentenced Christ to death?

The book asks a lot of hard questions, for instance it brings up Goliath. Goliath is made famous in the bible for being the Champion that David slew with a sling shot. What crime did Goliath commit to be brought to Hell, it cant be going to War and fighting because when Moses first lead his people out of Egypt they cut a swathe of destruction across what is now Israel and Palestine, so why is he in Hell? Satan proposes that himself, Goliath and a select few exist merely to be the villains in a story, a story that rings false.

Which leads to the second major theme in this issue, responsibility. This is a personal hate of mine, when hardcore religious types blame all their bad behavior on their religions great enemy. In my personal and inexperienced opinion we have free will and we can do what ever we want, but here Satan asks, how can we have free will if the story is already written? This ones a lot to take in but its an interesting philosophical question. Again for those who are not religious this book will be a fascinating read and for my fellow Christians out there I feel this book is very important as though it may have very little to do with the Bible which many of us hold dear but it could lead to us asking some very important questions about ourselves and our beliefs, ones that we really need to ask.

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