Do you want to take home part of Parks and Recreation?

The sitcom is the most common and hardest form of television to pull off, the jokes can easily go stale or fall flat. To make it few a few seasons and remain fresh is nearly impossible, yet parks and recreation managed to do this for seven years. An instantly quotable series, Parks and Rec was one of NBC’s greatest original shows. Yet after its seven season run I still find myself currently re-watching past seasons, like many others I just fell in love with Pawnee and will never get enough of this fictional town, to help sate my hunger I am pleased to say that the folks from NBC have teamed up with Screenbid, to give you, the fans a chance to take home some original goodies from the show. You can bring home a Mouse Rat CD, costumes (including the Raggedy Anne costume and Tom’s suits), election pins and tee’s, lots of Entertainment 720 gear and so much more. You have this week to decide what you want to bid on, check out the pics below for a quick preview of whats to come.

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