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Copperopolis (Issue 1) Comic Book Review

Nerdgiest had the pleasure of encountering The Swansea Comic Collective during MCM Belfast Comic Con where they were showcasing their first collaborative project; Copperopolis.


Copperopolis is the shared universe were the SCC team have pooled together all their creative energies and ideas, combining history of their hometown (Swansea, Wales – who’d have guessed!), Celtic mythology and plenty of good old fashioned nerd humour into their new world.


Centering around a city of the same name name, Copperopolis is a parallel version of Swansea (history buffs will recognise Copperopolis as the nickname given to Swansea in the 19th Century industrial revolution) apparently similar in every way except of course for number of tiny differences, evil scientists, troll bridges and of course – dragons. All that being said – you don’t see much of the actual city in this issue as the  main focus is the introduction of some of the key characters beginning with a recap of the dawn of Copperopolis.

During a bloody war between the armies of two sorcerers; Merlyn the Wise and Vortigen the Tyrant, Merlyn fuses with the Red Dragon to prevent Vortigen’s victory –  reshaping the earth and merging universes, the centre of which  is a large copper tower. The tower houses energy unconstrained by time and space, maintained by a large button to vent any cosmic energy before it builds up and causes havoc between universes. A tremendously important button – maintained by two unlikely 20 somethings that would look more at home in the local Forbidden Planet than wardens of the universe.

Fast forward to the 21st Century  and Copperopolis is a thriving city were sorcerers are mere legend and parallel universes are scientifically confirmed as ‘boring’ leaving the button men with little to do. However with a direct line to and from the Mayor of Copperopolis, their routine is fiercely interrupted by a series of weird happenings and some worrying rumbling within their own  tower…


There’s potential here with some interesting plots lines and side stories set up, the art is nicely paced and the intertwining time lines of present day and the rawer bygone times have their own styles; each is drawn by a different artist which together balance really well. Of course you don’t need any knowledge of Wales to enjoy this either – everything feels fresh and there are plenty of non-welsh jokes and references crammed in for good measure. If you fancy a change from conventional superhero stories and are into mythology with a bit of humour than this is worth a look.

SCC have already been posting teaser images of characters in issue two, to see these and to keep up to date with their adventures you can view their blog:


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