Highlights of Stanley Tucci Q&A panel at JDIFF


On Saturday 15th February Stanley Tucci attended the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival to collect his Volta award and to take part in a Q&A panel moderated by Festival Director Grainne Humphreys.  Some clips of his previous work (including Devil Wears Prada & Lovely Bones) was also shown during the  Interview. Highlights of the Q&A panel is included below:


‘As an Actor i think you have to understand the tone of the film and the set.’


They had already started shooting Devil Wears Prada before Stanley was even cast so he only had a week to prepare. He revealed how he was very cautious and very careful on how he presented and represented his character as he didn’t want to offend. He also stated that he’s very visual and that he likes clothes. He felt very comfortable with the visual language of the film and his character.


On his role in The Lovely Bones, Stanley said it was a very hard decision to make as to weather he should take the role or not. He finds the fascination with Serial Killers in our modern culture is unnecessary, especially when it’s about kids getting hurt. This statement is true especially when you think about all the TV series’s  that have aired recently including The Following, Dexter, Hannibal and True Detective. Has our generation become desensitised to violence?

Ultimately it was the beautiful script and the fact that he never played anything like this character that won him over.  When Stanley asked why Director Peter Jackson wanted him for the role, Peter told him it was because he was funny. The audience laughed when Stanley said afterwards,’That’s how sick Peter Jackson is.’

On filming Lovely Bones with Peter Jackson, Stanley said ‘Lovely Bones was a very long shoot, Peter likes his long takes.’

With the sensitive nature of the film some scenes with Saoirse Ronan where difficult to film for Stanley, he would ask Saoirse are you ok? To which she would reply with ‘Yeah, how are you Stanley?’

Stanley Tucci as "Paul Child" in Columbia Pictures' JULIE & JULIA.

In Julie & Julia Stanley revealed that everything had to be edible since they were eating all the time during filming, even the wine was real. He found out about the role from his good friend Meryl Streep at a Christmas party held by Liam Neeson and his late wife Natasha.  The first time he met Liam was through Aiden Quinn. The first Christmas Party at the Neeson house (that Stanley attended) made Stanley a nervous wreck. He had never seen so many famous faces in one room before and felt very intimated. He almost walked out had it not been for Natasha demanding that he stay and join in a game of charades. He said Liam is really bad at charades, which i thought was very surprising.


Lastly Stanley mentioned about a Cookbook (Tucci CookBook) he made in collaboration with his family. You can buy it at Amazon US  and Amazon UK


He said that he and his wife Felicity Blunt are currently working on their own cookbook, with recipes from both their childhoods and stuff that they cook together. The photos will be shot by their wedding photographer.


The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival is being held in Dublin from 13 to 23rd February 2014. The full Programme can be viewed here and tickets can be purchased here.

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