Graveyard chronicles from a cosplayer kitten! Part 2

Being a good cosplayer, what does that entail? Does working hard is merit alone? regardless if it is the wrong wig, the wrong color of clothing, you worked hard, so, you’re a good cosplayer, right?

Well, not really!


I’m not going to say something like working hard is not important, because it truly is, and I really don’t mind a black woman doing a cosplay of a white woman, because let’s be honest, there’s barely any black woman in anime. There’s some, but not plenty, and if you work hard and do it correctly, why should we care about your skin colour?

but, what I trully dislike is those people that choose everything wrong and still expect to be praised for it.
I saw this picture the other day, of this really cute girl, who did the cosplay of the nurse character in HTOD anime/manga, and it sure showed that she put effort into it, but she had the wrong wig, the wrong skirt, and the wrong bag, (it wasn’t even medical), and people still said she looked awesome; just because she was of a darker skin color.


We shouldn’t be afraid to say something is wrong, just because we don’t want to be deemed bullies. Hard work alone is not enough to make you a good cosplayer.

A good cosplayer chooses a character that goes along with your body, for example is the character has big boobs and you don’t, fake them! Don’t just say that if you don’t like my body, deal with it, because that’s a really bratty attitude.
Also, a good cosplayer, chooses everything carefully, down to the type of shoes he or she is going to wear with the complete set, ESPECIALLY if the character uses street and normal clothes, unlike, for example, a cosplay of a sailor scout which uses an specific type of boots.


So please, this I beg of you, good readers out there: Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion, you don’t have to be a jerk to tell a girl that her cosplay is wrong. There are polite ways of saying that, so please, stop with this nonsense of saying to bad cosplayers that they did a good job just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings.
We have a right to ask that our cosplayers do their job correctly, it may be our hobby, but if everyone starts doing it wrong, then, are we really up for the challenge, or not?

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  1. I completely agree. I think it’s better to keep your mouth shut. What’s the point of lying in those situations? If you tell her she’s got the wrong bag, maybe next time she will do better. “OMG that’s amazing, you look awesome” doesnt’t help anybody. Anybody in their right mind would appreciate constructive criticism/praise when they work hard on something.


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