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Barbarella is Coming Back

Barbarella is set to make a comeback, which honestly kind of surprised me. Especially since the plot of the original French comic book series involved the character of Barbarella travelling to distant planets where she would have sex with Aliens who had seduced her and apparently used something called an orgasmatron. So, expectantly my gut reflex was well that this has aged poorly, then I was like well we never judged Captain Kirk for behaving this way, in fact I think he is still kind of praised for being a horn dog. Maybe this new take on a classic character will see her take a more controlling stance where she is the seducer and not the seduced.

And before you start researching facts like how Barbarella was the first “Pornagraphic Comic Book” take note that it has been tied with the mid-20th century sexual revolution and how the creator of the book, saw her as the embodiment of liberated women’s sexuality – though looking back she may have also been a sexual fantasy for him.

Still in the right hands Barbarella could be something new and liberating, while still being sexual. There is absolutely no reason why she could not be one, without being the other. For proof check out Dynamites current run on Barbarella, it is a fantastic place to start.

And for further proof that this reboot just may work, one need only look at the star of the project. Sydney Sweeney will not only star in the upcoming movie, but she will also be working as a producer on it. And though she has garnered a lot of praise for previous roles it has been in Euphoria where she has managed to take the generic role of Highschool Blonde Bombshell and brought a multitude of layers and gravitas to it. (If you are unfamiliar with her in this role let me sum it up for you, she will use her sexuality to hold your gaze one minute while breaking your heart for her in the next moment.)

Not only that but Sweeney was more than happy to take a stand and request that she not be nude in certain scenes, which for a young up and coming actress cannot be easy. This makes me think that she has the backbone to carry this franchise, while having the acting chops to bring something refreshing and new to it.

And finally, there is the obvious, the original film starred the absolutely stunning Jane Fonda and let’s face it, one would have to be blind to not see that both women are equally beautiful. And for me if the character is to be done “right” having her own that feminine beauty, without ever being seen as weak is exactly what we need, and in my humble opinion Sydney Sweeney will easily pull this one off.

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