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Dynamite: Elvira Meets Vincent Price #5

By now you all know that I am truly enchanted by this series. Not only is this a manic fun affair but it also stars two of horror’s greatest Icons The one and only Elvira Mistress of the Dark and The Legendary Vincent Price. If you are just joining us now then you have truly been missing out, David Avallone’s series is a truly unique adventure and one that readers, like myself, cannot get enough of. Before we get into it, even if this is the fifth issue, it is practically a stand-alone release and if you have missed the previous four this is actually a pretty great place to start. 

Where the previous four issues saw Elvira and Vincent have to team up to take down an evil Egyptian god and save the world, this one veers more towards slasher film territory and see’s The Mistress of the Dark in a race against time to save her friend from the clutches of a deranged madman. And I love how they used this plot to not only make the reader laugh, but Avallone also uses this plot to discuss the treatment of women in Hollywood. This topic is especially poignant, especially with the Alfred Hitchcock references in the book, it is wildly known he treated women such as Tippi Hedren. like garbage. So my hat is off to the writer for this one.

But the book is still a lot of fun and is full of classic horror references, such as a brief call out to Tobe Hooper and even some callbacks to Vincent Prices’ illustrious career. It also is full of other references such as Sherlock Holmes, Keanu Reeves, and tonnes of fourth wall breaks. 

The book may get serious but it never takes itself seriously and that makes it truly beautiful. If you have somehow missed out on this run then grab yourself a copy of this issue, it is a surprisingly great place to start. It will be on sale from the 9th of March 2022.

And I look forward to seeing Elvira again in Elvira in Horrorland. 




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