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Dynamite: Vengeance of Vampirella #25

Issue 25 of Vengence of Vampirella is the perfect end to such an epic saga. Can you really think of a better way to end this year than with the final issue of one of my favorite series?

If you have not been following along, then you really have been missing out. Vengeance of Vampirella is the post-apocalyptic series that just keeps giving. It is a series that not only shows us how the world ends but then shows us how it rebuilds again and at no point does it ever take the foot off the gas. 

Issue 25 picks up with Vampirella being held hostage, as an once ally now enemy, plans to drain her of her life force. This one is truly banging and when you read the book you will know that I do mean this with pun intended. To sum it up, the story starts with a jailbreak and finishes with a massive all-out brawl that sees our favorite heroes reuniting to kick some serious ass.

As with every issue of this run, the art has been fantastic, and seeing the world change from a post-apocalyptic hellscape into one of an advanced city is such a breath of fresh air. Artist Kewber Baal has really outdone themselves with this one.

I wish I could say more but if I did it would just lead to spoilers and I really do not wish to ruin this one for you. 

Thomas Sniegoski has truly crafted the perfect end to this saga. Though if you want more then do not fret, because the story will continue on in Vampirella Strikes.

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