The New Spider-Man Leaks Have Me Being Suspicious

I woke up this morning to the internet going mental over the possible Spider-Man No Way Home leaks and I am a tad skeptical about them.

The first one is the one I am most skeptical about. Here we see all three of our Spider-Men. What makes me suspicious is that Tobey Maguire who is 46 looks just like he did when he was 20. Of course, Disney can digitally de-age their cast members, but for what reason would they do that?

And there is something about how all three look here that does not sit right with me, something just looks off about them…

Now the second pic is slightly more promising…

The only thing that puts me off is that there are quite the variations in chairs in this shot.

Which is probably nothing

But it does nag me just a bit.

I am hopeful that this film will live up to the hype. But these photos do not convince me.

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