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Holland & Barrett becomes the first UK high-street retailer to list an energy supplement for gamers

It is official gaming is in the mainstream. If Holland Barrett are supporting us, nothing can stop us!!!

Not only that but 46% of Brits believe that being a gamer is a real career. The same study would even go on to show that  33% of those questioned said that they would love to change professions to become a pro gamer, with just over a quarter suggesting gamer who play on esports teams should be referred to as athletes. 

So for anyone who that esports was just a fad, I guess you have been proven wrong. Though there is no doubt that this may be linked to the global pandemic. Lets face it, people are stuck inside and do not have much to do, so why not take up gaming. Though that might also be why I cannot get a PS5.

Another major shift in the modern world is wellness and healthy living, it seems we are all taking much better care of ourselves and this is where Holland and Barrett come back into the mix. Holland & Barrett today launch the UK’s first ever high-street listing for a supplement developed especially for gamers – Beyond NRG. Whilst the store is famous for listing health supplements, this industry first sees the Holland & Barrett website create an entire new category, dedicated to gaming. Taking the idea of energy supplements for gamers to an entire new level.

This is a delicious product and one I fully endorse.

Billy Webb, Founder and CEO of Beyond NRG explains

“We are seeing an incredible difference in how people view esports this year. There is a billion-pound global supplements industry all targeted towards fuelling your body for physical sports – but limited options that fuel mental performance for this ever-growing category. We wanted to create a drink that genuinely helps people compete, along with putting nutrition at the forefront of their minds. With a rush of natural energy, zero crash and more importantly, a range of vitamins and minerals, Beyond NRG can give players their recommended daily intake in just two scoops!”

If you are interested in trying this delicious product either check out Holland and Barrett or follow this link.


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