The Dynamite Art of John Cassaday

This one was just such a treat to review. Usually I focus on reviewing comics, which in an absolute shock to no one, I love doing. But when I get an art book that I can just sit and soak up well, that is what sparks joy for me. That is why I was so pleased to have the opportunity to review the art work of amazing John Cassaday.

I first came across Cassaday’s work when I read Planatary for the first time (Such a unique series and one I think everyone should read). His art was out of this world and I would find myself just staring at the pages being absorbed by them. If you know anything about John, you will this is to be expected because no one has a process quite like his.

He is a self-professed perfectionist who does everything by himself from the initial drawing to digitally colouring his pieces, which is highly unusual in this industry. From start to finish this guy is a machine, one that runs on a mix of talent, hard work and innovation.

This book features a great collection of his work from his time with Dynamite including The Lone Ranger, Buck Rodgers, Battlefields, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, The Green Hornet, The Spider, Doc Savage and so many more. Not only that but it has some of his writings which gives you a great look into his thought process. If you are the kind of person who loves the art of this medium then you are going to love this book. From start to finish it really is worth checking out.

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