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Vampirella Vs Purgatori #2

In this week’s issue of Vampirella Vs Purgatori the game is truly afoot, as our two “heroines” are travelling across the globe in a desperate bid to stop Lilith from corrupting a pure soul. And when I say travelling across the globe, I mean it. We get to see Stockholm, Atlanta, The Ukraine and Montreal to name some of the locations on this demonic trip around the world.

In general, I am loving the dynamic between these two. It is the classic buddy cop trope taken to strange new places. Though these she-devils are on the side of the angels they have wildly different methods and it is hella fun to witness. And just to remind you all, the fate of the world is at stake.

As the plot goes this issue is very fast paced, there is absolutely no time for hanging around, everywhere the ladies go they are stuck fighting demons and each demon is completely different from the last. This gives each encounter a completely fresh angle and appeal, making it all the more entertaining for us mere mortals.

Meanwhile when we are not with the protagonists, we are with Lilith who is just so devilishly charming to follow. She is like that terrible guy or girl you dated in your teens, you know the one that briefly ruined your life, but you just could not stay away. Well that’s Lilith, she is going to doom us all, yet for some reason I am into it and thats ok.

Issue one of this was the first book I reviewed for Dynamite and because of that this specific series holds a special place in my heart and with every new page it seems that writer Ray Fawkes just keeps drawing me in. Mix that with the gorgeous art work of Álvaro Sarraseca and you have a sure fire hit.

At issue two this series is still an easy one for newcomers to just jump into, so if you want to experience some dark fantasy, a little violence, philosophical musings of a demon and a good old chase then I highly recommend you grab yourself  a copy of this book.

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