The Drew and Look Podcast – The Shield: Difficult Men Part 1

When Andy first informed me that he would be doing a Podcast based on The Shield my first reaction was to think “but that show is really recent”.

This week also see’s Andy joined by special guest, podcaster Ian Lawther (USS Caroline).

Turns out it was made way back in 2002, you know 19 years ago, so yes not so recent. Sorry I am still trying to wrap my head around that one. The Shield was loosely based on the real life Rampart Division police scandal. And deals with cops that do not operate in the most ethical ways. Lasting seven seasons this really was a juggernaut of a show and helped pave the way for cop shows such as Chicago PD and The Wire.

Through looking at its synopsis of the series and seeing how America is taking a hard look at its police forces I was really looking forward to this months Drew and Look Podcast.

If you are not to familiar with the show then you should be familiar with the cast. Michael Chiklis (Fantastic 4 and American Horror Story), Catherine Dent (Agents of Shield), Walton Goggins (Ant Man and The Wasp), Glenn Close, CCH Pounder (Avatar and the DCAU) and Forest Whitaker to name just some of the cast members from this ground breaking series. Not only was there serious talent in front of the camera but there was serious talent behind it to, with Shawn Ryan being the creative force behind The Shield. If that name sounds familiar it is because he has brought us other shows such as Timeless, Terriers and Lie To Me. (You can see my interview with him below)

Going into this i have two major warnings. 

  1. There is a lot of spoilers for the first three seasons. But since the show is nearly 20 years old I think you have had plenty of time to watch this. And if you are looking a quick catch up then check out YouTube or Wikipedia, either should suffice.

  2. Trigger warning – this episode includes discussion of sexual abuse and graphic violence. Though as always you can trust Andy will handle this as best he can.

As always if you are curious then check out the Podcast here.

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