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Red Sonja: The Superpowers #4

I am a big fan of Team-Ups, getting to see strangers form up into a cohesive group is always entertaining. I guess that is why Project Superpowers is a highly appealing concept to me. This is a series that uses characters that are in the public domain to create this epic narrative about world hoping heroes that is utterly spectacular. To see a bunch of classic pulp heroes coming together just makes my dorky self so happy.

This issue finally see’s Red Sonja come face to face with said heroes in their HQ. To call her a fish out of water would be a massive understatement, she is more like a fish floating in space. Sonja who has no idea about technology, but is highly intelligent is quick to discern that several of her new teammates do not think much of her.

What these “heroes” do not factor in, is that Sonja, though respectful, clearly does not think much of their opinions. She challenges them, undresses in front of them (even as the beg her to stop) and puts them in their place when it suits her. She quickly shows that though she comes from a more primitive time and has no meta human abilities she is still more than a match for anyone of them.

In this setting Sonja is completely an utter delight to read, she is hilarious without even trying and always a badass with pure “Big Red Energy”. This is all thanks to the wonderful writing of Dan Abnett. Abnett of course being one of my favorite modern writers, seriously grab yourself a copy of Horus Rising or Legion two of my top picks from the Horus Hersey series.

And as always with this medium the writing is only half the work, Jonathan Lau and Andrew Dalhouse have done a fantastic job bringing this story to life and I really cannot wait to see more of their work on this series.

If you are interested in reading this fantastic book then grab a copy on 04/14/2021

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