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George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings (Vol. 2) #12

Just reading this issue brought back so many great memories. The Battle of Black Water was the first time many of us truly knew how intense Game Of Thrones as a Tv series or A Song of Ice and Fire as a book series could be. I myself live a stones throw where it was filmed,  a friend of mine was even in the scene. This is where the game turns fully into a war. So if you have ever wanted to pick up the Clash of Kings comic book series now is the bloody time because issue 12 is set at the very start of this epic battle.

The initial part of the story is from Sansa’s perspective and like the previous versions it does a fantastic job of conveying the sense of impending dread that the Nobel women of Kingslanding would be feeling and further reminded me of how Cersei was quite literally the worst.

Next it moves onto Davos and it continues to show how he was completely underused by Stannis, he was twice the man that any of the Nobility under his kings command where. In these moments is where the graphic novel truly shines. Though HBO did a fantastic job brining a fleet of ships to life on a limited budget, it is here on the pages of a book that we can get a fuller idea of how big the battle truly was.

Finally we move onto to Tyrion and in any medium you cannot help but love this guy. But as I said in my last paragraph, other forms of media just fall short, when it comes to showing off his genius you really need everything laid out in front of you. This book finally shows the scale of the work that Tyrion completed.

A Clash of Kings (Vol. 2) #12 is another stunning book which does not waste itself in anyway. Every paged is oozing with delicious art and if you are still feeling like the Tv series ended in a way that left you angry then I highly recommend you grab a copy of this and give it a read.

The issue will be on sale via Dynamite on the 14th of April 2021.

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