Another Year Another Stupid Star Wars Controversy

It seems that every time a new Star Wars film comes out we end up with another controversy. With Force Awakens people complained it was not original, With Rogue One the complaint was shots featured in the trailer that where not in the film, with Solo there was issues with the Directors and with The Last Jedi the hate was thrown at how the film was too different and also all the racist shit being dumped on actress Kelly Marie Tran. Now with the Rise Of Skywalker we have another stupid controversy.

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Apparently Daisy Ridley is now a borderline racist, if not that ignorant of her white privilege. To put it all into context while sitting down with the Guardian, a paper I frequent this happened –

I ask if she thinks it has been easier to be confident and navigate her celebrity because of the privilege in her life – of boarding school, her upbringing and so on? Ridley is suddenly incredulous.

“The privilege I have – how? No, genuinely, how?”

Well, I say, in terms of wealth, class, education – that kind of privilege, in knowing how to decode the rules in certain spaces. As a caveat, I add that both of us have privilege, and it’s not a criticism; I was simply curious to know what she thought. Things take an awkward turn.

“Well no, because, no… ” There is a very long and tense pause, before she insists that, actually, there is little difference between her experience and that of her co-star John Boyega, who grew up in south London to British Nigerian immigrant parents. “John grew up on a council estate in Peckham and I think me and him are similar enough that… no.” I don’t point out that members of Ridley’s family were establishment figures (her grandfather, John Ridley OBE, was head of engineering at the BBC from 1950 to 1965; his brother was the Dad’s Army actor and playwright Arnold Ridley), while Boyega had to apply for a hardship fund to join Theatre Peckham.

“Also,” she adds, “I went to a boarding school for performing arts, which was different.”

But surely nine years of private education gave her some additional confidence?

“No.” Ridley leans on her elbow while twirling a small knot in her hair. “No. I think, also, it has taken me a little while to be OK with it. I was always fairly confident, and I think that comes from being part of a big family who are all quite chatty.”

It’s an unexpectedly defensive detour, as if the mere mention of privilege is an attempt to diminish Ridley’s hard work or talent. I try to change the subject but get the distinct feeling that her publicist, sitting behind me in Ridley’s eyeline, has made some sort of silent intervention. “I’m not saying what you’re saying is wrong,” Ridley adds. “I’ve just never been asked that before, so I’m like, oh. I don’t think so.” 

This came off as an attempt my this journalist to derail a young women’s career, the question is very open and the answers are not simple. Personally she could have handled it better, but Daisy Ridley is notoriously private and therefor who are we to know her life experiences. Believe me when I say this being white and going to a good school does not mean a perfect life, we all have our own crosses to bear. Though that message is not for the Guardian it is more for the users of Twitter who went their in force to let the world know how they felt.

To all these offended people I need to ask you, do you have anything better to do with your lives?

Bullying some random 20 something online, hope you all feel good about yourselves and if this problem with her privilege is so bad where the fuck where you after the last Jedi when Kelly Marie Tran was bullied off of social media, also where was everyone when Daisy Ridley was being left off box art after The Force Awakens (though I suspect this was so we would not suspect her as a force user), or during the racism of the prequels. The fact is you are not SJW’s your just a bunch of butt hurt bullies who bully people online to make themselves feel better. 

Fortunately a lot of people are seeing this non story for the farce that it was.

So if your someone who is upset with Daisy why don’t you go out and start making positive changes in the world instead of crying online like a spoiled baby.

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