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Li Ziqi, My Secret To Relaxing

In this hectic and busy world that we live in I think we all need a chance to stop, relax and unwind – but that isnt enough we also need the ability to get in touch with nature. To often we forget about the world around us and to often we seek the easy distractions. If that sounds like you then Li Ziqi may be the answer to all of your problems. Li Ziqi is a vlogger who uses her online presence to demonstrate traditional rural Chinese skills and keep old traditions alive, in fact it goes beyond that and she helps them thrive.

This women is not just your standard Vlogger she is a dedicated worker, someone who has made a life for herself. She is self educated and unlike many today cares about her family. Currently she lives with and cares for her Grandmother. This all came about after she was primarily raised by her Grandparents, but she has also worked in the service industry, on farms, as a DJ and even was forced to briefly live in a cave. This women is tougher than most other millennial’s and has easily earned the respect of her fans.

She states that her videos are created to help people relax and trust me they will chill you out.

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