Bluefin Announces New Transformers Optimus Prime Figure

Growing up there was no one cooler than the fearless leader of the Autobots, seriously who on earth could out do the stoic badass that was Optimus Prime?

Still to this day he is still one of my all time favorite childhood possessions. That is why I am very tempted to go and Pre-Order this new Optimus Prime figure from Blue Fin right away, I just need to finish this article first. This unique (non-transforming) rendering of the glorious leader of the heroic Autobots is based on his appearance in the IDW comic book series. He is also the first in a brand new series of Transformers model kits forthcoming form Flame Toys and was designed by the famous 3D modelling company, TRGGER. The Model Kit from Flame Toys is set for release in October by authorized Bluefin retailers also from select leading online outlets.

The figure stands 6 inches tall and features more than 40 articulated joints that provide for maximum poseability. Constructed with high quality multi-colored ABS plastic parts, Optimus Prime features an innovative design that allows for simple snap-together assembly by model builders of all skill levels. So if your a dummy like me then even you can build this model.

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