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Harrison Ford proves he is a real action hero !

My hats off to Mr Ford, once again showing us he is a real life hero, yes he has done this more than once. Over the weekend when a women rolled her car when it down an embankment, she found an unlikely savior. Harrison Ford, who was driving behind her at the time, parked his car up and quickly went to her aide. I should also mention that several other people came to her aide too, which is just nice to hear.

“He acted as a good Samaritan, just like everybody else, and tried to help before emergency services arrived,” Senior Officer Matt Alonzo reported.

The cynical little demon in me roles my eyes saying so what? Anyone should be willing to do this for a stranger! But the fact is, a lot of people wouldn’t do this and its nice to know that even someone has respected and as rich as Harrison Ford is generally a good person who is willing to hep his fellow man/women out when ever the need arises.


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