The latest trailer for Bright really illuminates whats going on.

If you where following our SDCC coverage on our instagram account you no doubt would have seen signs for this popping up somewhere. Bright is like the fantasy version of Alien Nation and District Nine. The film will see a modern day L.A. only willed with Orcs and Elves. Human police officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith) and Orc Deputy Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton), go out on what they assume to be a routine patrol night, only to discover an ancient, but powerful artifact and encounter a darkness that will threaten the world they know. The film is going to offer a great social commentary on how we treat the lower classes, especially those made up of ethnic minorities. Honestly because I am white and come from a country of mostly white people I probably am not the best person to even argue this issue, but it seems to me that if we live in a world where your skin colour determines your social status then that’s a pretty fucked up world, hopefully this film will help shows this issues to people who wouldn’t naturally see them. After all if you cannot see a problem then the problem will never be your problem.

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