A few thoughts on Black Lightning!

It looks CW are at it again with another DC adaptation, this time it’s from Black Lightning. The series will follow  Jefferson Pierce (Aka Black Lightning) technically DC’s first African American Superhero, we don’t mention the Black Bomber… shudders, honestly this guy is one of the best characters DC has out there, first off, he has electrical based powers (how awesome is that), secondly he spends more of his time fighting actual villains as opposed to super villains, third he is deeply involved in his community and four he just looks like a badass. Black Lightning was created by Tony Isabella who helped define both Ghost Rider and Luke Cage at Marvel Comics, with that in mind you kind of know what your getting into with this guy.

Unlike Flash, Arrow and Supergirl we will not be getting an origin story, the series will instead follow on after his career has ended, in all honesty this is a genius move by Mara Brock Akil as I think we are all sick of origin stories, here after years of fighting Black Lightning retires and lives a normal life as a teacher then principal, eventually coming out of retirement to do what he thinks is right. From what I can gather he seems to be tormented by his failures as a superhero no longer able to get by with his every day hero life as someone who puts himself second and his community first, with 2 estranged daughters and an ex wife under his belt, this series looks its going into original waters, rather than following the same old formula that so many others have done.

Honestly I will never be able to truly understand how race defines and separates people, I am fortunate to be in a majority in my country, but I feel that CW choosing to make this series is not only the wise but the moral choice, we live in a world of television dominated by white males, many of which are fantastic actors in fantastic shows, but we also live in a world where we can access these shows in a whole new way, we can consume so much that we can still have everything we used to, but there is room for so much more. A show like Black lightning is exactly what people need right now, something that shows us not all heroes handsome white guys (I am looking at you Green Arrow). This show is the first step in the right direction and I look forward to what comes next.

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