Thor Ragnarok Trailer Breakdown

The Thor 3 trailer finally dropped and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The music and the tone are just perfect. For the longest time I have considered the original Thor to be my favourite Marvel film, but then original stories are easy, Marvel Phase 1 showed us that over and over again that origin stories are easier to pull off than the follow up. It’s like a debut album, you have your whole life to write that perfect music, but then to follow it up you have a year. I’m not saying that the Marvel sequels where bad, in fact some out did the originals, especially the Captain America films which seem to get better as they go along, its just that some fell flat. Thor the Dark World, which is a film I enjoyed, was one of he films that just missed the mark, it tried too hard to live up to the expectations of the original that it just came up short. Thor Ragnarok on the other hand knows what it is and has spent its time being a unique film. Unlike the previous Thor entries this one has gone more Sci-Fi, gone is the high fantasy and here we have aliens and Led Zeppelin.

It’s a very minor touch, but having Thor directly address the audience shows a real shift in character. If you think back to the first film he was a spoilt rich brat who got and did whatever he wanted. After being humbled fighting his brother and working with humans, his vision quest in Age of Ultron and now having everything stripped from him, we now have a Thor who is ready to talk directly to us humans.

If anything this is visually stunning, though if I have to guess this would be Hela’s realm where she rules, or home world where she comes from.

This still looks like it’s going to be early on in the film as Thor still has the long hair.

Our brief first glimpse of Hela, also known as Hell in some lore. The ruler of Hel and Niflheim, the character has been a frequent foe of Thor. She is a Goddess of Death and is supposed to receive a portion of the Dead souls. She possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility and durability. This is all further augmented by her vast mystical powers, that far outshine any normal Asgardian. Hela always wears her magical cloak which enhances her strength and keeps her young and healthy. The Goddess has jet black hair and bright green eyes. Without the cloak, Hela reverts to her true form: in this form half of her body is healthy and beautiful, while the other half is decaying. Without the cloak Hela is very weak and can barely move, and her powers are greatly reduced; she is unable to levitate or even stand, and cannot project mystical bolts. Hela doesn’t need to wear the cloak; simply touching it is enough to restore her to her stronger form. The left side of her body appears dead and decayed, though it appears alive and beautifully healthy while she wears her cloak. Hela also has the ability to restore a dead Asgardian to life provided their spirits have not passed on to the afterlife, but she rarely used these abilities. Her most powerful ability is her Hand of Glory, a technique that uses mystical energy to enhance the strength of her punch to kill even an Asgardian.

I love how this shot sets her up as the big bad for this film. Here we have Thor doing what he does best, throwing his Hammer, something that few can withstand and here we see how powerless he truly is against Hela.

In one brief shot we can see that she has the ability to briefly hold Mjölnir and stop it in its tracks.

She does not even flinch or show any emotion. You can see that she sees herself as Thor’s superior, because in this moment he means nothing to her.

And the icing on the cake she is going to take his Hammer from him, leaving him at a massive disadvantage.

We always new that the Hammer contained some great power but this is not what we expected.

I believe this is the cloak that the comics keep speaking about, even if it is not this looks pretty terrifying, i am loving it, she is the first of these ‘Gods’ to finally look like a ‘God’.

This may even be the first appearance of the Night Sword, which from what I know is one of the most powerful Asgardian weapons in the comics.

I just love this shot of Hela, it’s just her looking down on everyone, with a level of disgust that they are nothing to her.

I presume this is another brief shot of our villain’s powers and shows she truly may be the enemy the Marvel universe needs.

All that we have seen so far is just the set up because now we have Thor on an alien world. from what I can gather this world is supposed to be Sakaar, which many Hulk fans will know as the world he went all Spartacus on.

Surrounded by people who will not support him, no Jane Foster, no Warriors Three, no family and no Avengers. The fact so many are wearing masks maybe alludes to the worlds naturally tough atmosphere, or it’s just cosmetic, who knows?

From what I can gather this is Valkyrie on her winged horse and she appears to be plunging towards Hela, which is a pretty ballsy decision.

Though I’m guessing that decision does not pan out for her?

Now we have Thor, stripped of everything, no friends, no lover, no weapon, no kingdom, no home and he is about to be broken down further.

Our first real look at Tessa Thompson and I have to say having her as Valkyrie was definitely the right choice, every inch of her screams warrior women. On Valkyrie’s inclusion in the film, producer Kevin Feige said, “Thor’s relationship with Jane Foster may have evolved in unexpected ways in between The Dark World and Ragnarok and we wanted to pit him against a character who was much more his equal and in many ways his superior.” Feige also stated that Valkyrie has spurned her Asgardian heritage elaborating, “Thor thinks maybe that will create a bond between them and, on the contrary, she wants to forget it all entirely.”

This was what I was looking forward to the most in Thor, seeing Jeff Goldblum on screen as the Grandmaster. He is one of the Elders of the universe, like the Collector and he has a vast array of powers. The Grandmaster has been described as manipulating the so-called “power primordial”, radiation left over from the Big Bang, he also possesses a cosmic life force which renders him virtually immortal, including immunity to ageing, disease, poison, and imperiousness to conventional injury through regeneration of any damage. He can survive and travel in space unaided and without food, drink, or air. Yet all this pales in comparison to his developed superhuman intellect, with vast knowledge and comprehension of games and game theory far beyond present-day Earth, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of thousands of exotic games played throughout the universe.

Now we are getting to all the other characters in the film who also look like they will be out of their comfort zones.

Karl Urban will be appearing here as the Villainous Executioner, Skurge, he is a master of weapons and has all the other typical Asgardian powers. Due to his unique hybrid physiology, with a half Frost-Giant and half Skornheimian descendant , Skurge’s physical strength, stamina and durability are considerably greater than those of the average Asgardian male. He also possesses superhuman visual acuity.

This is the one thing that bothered me, here we have Loki being cool, but that’s not Loki to me, he is the man who makes a grand entrance not the man who throws knives, still the shot looked pretty awesome. On playing the character for a fourth time, Hiddleston said he was interested in how Loki’s attitude has changed, adding “I’m four years older… and there will just be new things I find in it. The most exciting thing about Loki is that he is always a trickster. It is trying to find new ways for him to be mischievous”. Regarding the inclusion of the Hulk in the film, Hiddleston said that Loki has “a few chips on his shoulder” due to the previous interaction between the two characters in The Avengers.

Here we have a beaten and broken Thor, he is not the warrior that we have seen in the other films, he is something different.

Though he suits the new look. Especially the Helmet which reminds me of his older design.

Of course the moment we have all waited for, the return of the Hulk. I am loving the armour, its just that classic what we expect from a Gladiator look and maybe it’s a little condescending to give us that but just how awesome does this look?!

This moment made me laugh so hard, just the look on everyone’s faces, it’s truly priceless. Director Taika Waititi said he wanted to show off Hemsworth’s comedy chops and I have to admit it, this scene alone shows them perfectly.

This is what got my attention, why is Loki sitting beside Grandmaster, in a clearly adversarial role, is he maybe there to get Thor back?

And if this does not harken you back to the Planet Hulk film where he fights Beta Ray Bill then you’re blind.

When I first saw the logo I was against it but it has really grown on me, making me think of the old science fiction movies that I grew up with. Making a guess I would presume that Loki taking over Asgard lets Hela return, setting off a chain of events seeing Thor lost in space where he becomes a Gladiator, one that Loki needs to get back to save Asgard. Thor with Valkyrie and Hulk will then go and make a heroic stand against Hela. Though I hope there are a few twists and turns along the way.

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