Ant-Man (2015) Trailer Review


So the Ant-Man trailer just dropped and I wont lie the first few shots where so generic I rolled my eyes; you know, shot of a city, shots of guys walking into labs, it’s very hum drum and, we have seen it all before, then 8 seconds in, we get to see our teeny tiny hero and it all changes.


Cut to a guy getting thrown about like a rag doll. I’m not sure who is doing it but I bet they are at a height disadvantage.


After that we get a quick shot of the films rival at some sort of conference and crowds applauding him, jeez it’s almost like they don’t know he is the bad guy.


This is followed by a few more generic shots of landscapes and explosions, I know I’m not really selling you on this but hold on I am getting to the good bits. Hank and his daughter Hope finally make an appearance, Evangeline Lilly and Michael Douglas are both perfect in these roles.


We get to see the more aggressive side of Scott Lag in this next scene.


Mr Hank Pym seems to like spying on people and seems to have gone for the Swordfish (2001) computer set up.


Our first Look at Pym’s Laboratory, it’s so not as cool as his nemesis.


We get to finally see Scott Lang doing his breaking in thing.


This is quite a nice little bit of comedy from two actors who can easily make me laugh.


With great threads comes great responsibility


Ant-Man using his powers to control ants for the first time.

screen-shot-2015-04-13-at-4-38-33-pm-131232 (1)

Oh…. shit son is he gonna, click it?


Oh yeah he clicked it, though the ants do look kinda cute here.


This is a fantastic shot of Scott running with the herd.


Finally we get the shots we have been waiting for since we saw the Ant-Man test footage all those years ago. Showing that size really does not matter, and also the special effects are pretty awesome.





This is a nice possible romantic moment that did make me giggle just a little, by the way looking at Paul Rudd’s face I really need to wonder, does he age at the same rate as us?


Our first quick little glimpse at the Yellow Jacket armour.


A very sweet tender moment between Scott and his daughter Cassie.


Our first proper shot of the Yellow Jacket Armour and it’s impressive


Instead of going for the dramatic the film has embraced its nature and gone with a more ironic approach that seems to have helped it.


When I first saw this shot I was severally underwhelmed


Afterwards i was overwhelmed with joy.


So yes I really want to see this movie.


The film looks pretty good, its come together and is starting to look like it fits well in the Marvel Universe. It was an interesting choice to have Hank Pym as the supporting character, but that leaves us room for prequels. Paul Rudd looks like he has fully embraced this role and it looks like he has pulled this off, this movie was a long shot and the odds where stacked against it, but I feel like Thor this film will be a success. He won’t have the drama of Captain America, the style of Iron Man, the impending drama of Thor or the sheer glory of the Avenger, but this new addition to the Marvel Universe has been wise and taken the same root as Guardians of the Galaxy (but in a very different way) and taken a less than serious look to being a super hero, which will make this a breathe of fresh air in July 2015.

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