Interview with Director Robert Rodriguez at 2015 SXSW Film Festival

On Sunday 15 March 2015, we were invited to a private tour with Robert Rodriguez of his museum featuring iconic art from Frank Frazetta including 12 original paintings & more. After the tour we had the opportunity to ask Robert Rodriguez a few questions.

DSC_1559 (1024x683)

I’m glad you are remaking Fire & Ice as you’ve got the artistic touch for it but do you find that its been parodied alot, do you think you can differentiate it from other productions that’ve copied & parodied it including Warcraft?

Yeah I think doing it like Frazetta is going to be unique because people remember these paintings, these looks, they’ve seen them before. We are gonna take these icons and move them in a way they haven’t seen, I wanted to feel like a real paintor. I wanted to give something that’s both visually stunning and iconic. It’s why his character has endured because he was just tapped into something. If you make a movie in his style, it will be unique no matter what everyone else has done. There is a lot of other painters who did someything like him but he wipes them all out because he was just tapped into that. If you can capture it and make it work, that’s the challenge, that’s the fun challenge. You want it to wipe out all the other ones.

Do you find you will have as much creative control as possible so no one will corrupt your vision?

Everyone at Sony is giving their support as there is so many people who are huge Frazettta fans. They want it to be the best version possible.

Again if too many people get involved these things, for example the last Conan film didn’t come out 100% right I think.

Yeah sometimes it’s tough, if you don’t have the full support of a studio.


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