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Guide to Gam3rcon Parties during SDCC 2014

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If you can’t get into the exclusive rooftop parties happening during San Diego Comic Con, which are sponsored by the big companies, there is still plenty of other parties that you can join in. One of the events that takes place annually during the same week as San Diego Comic Con is Gam3rcon. Every night from Wednesday 23rd to Sunday 27th July, they will host a Rooftop party.

The best thing about it is that there is no age limits so you don’t have to worry about finding a babysitter to attend these nightly events. Gone are the days when you had to wait until you where 21 and over to attend the after parties in the evening during San Diego Comic Con. There is a separate section for alcohol consumption for the 21+ but at least those not old enough can still get access to the Rooftop area, so you will never be too far from your group. They can play games onstage while you hang in the corner enjoying that much deserved cocktail.

That’s not all there is also plenty to see and do during the day at Gam3rcon.

For more info and to purchase tickets visit


Event: Preview Night & Paint Party

Date: Wednesday 23rd July, 2014

Location:  Rooftop at 10th Avenue Theatre

Time: 7 to 10pm

Cost: Access is included with the Adult Week Long Pass ($50)

Come out and enjoy their ‘made-of-awesome’ kick-off party with live painting, comedy, music, food, drinks, and of course, gaming.  Paint the rooftop walls of the 10th Avenue Theatre with game themed art to kick this year off right!  No artistic skilled required.

Event: Filking Night

Date: Thursday 24th July, 2014

Location:  Rooftop at 10th Avenue Theatre

Time: 4pm-9pm

Cost: Access is included with the Adult Week Long Pass ($50) or a Adult Day Pass ($20)

Kid Week Long Pass (Under 12) is $30 and Kid Day Pass is $10.

What is Filking you ask? It’s a mix between folk and geeky music. Let’s face it everyone who attends San Diego Comic Con (including myself) is a Geek/Nerd at heart.

Come out for their Filking Concert and a special screening of Video Games: The Movie.  Come early and take part in Seekers Unlimited Launch Party happy hour fundraiser from 4-6 pm!  $10 donation gets one drink and a raffle ticket for those 21+ with ID.  Proceeds go to Seekers Unlimited, a 501c3 public charity that makes educational live action role playing games.

Allison & Eben

Allison Lonsdale and Eben Brooks do original and parody songs about role-playing games, comics, SF, horror, geek culture, and the supernatural. Their Beatles cat macro parody “LOL Together” has had 160,000 hits on Youtube, and Eben’s Plain White T’s/H.P. Lovecraft mashup “Hey There Chthulhu” has had over a million hits.


Adam Sakellarides

A native southern-Californian, Adam started writing songs on an old guitar from the 70s that his parents won in a raffle. He sings about love, science, politics, socially awkward people, and things like that. Now armed with witty lyrics, catchy melodies, and a bunch of mediocre jokes, he’s ready to entertain you.
For more info check out his website at

Event: Comedy Night

Date: Friday 25th July, 2014

Location:  Rooftop at 10th Avenue Theatre

Time: 5pm-9.30pm

Cost: Access is included with the Adult Week Long Pass ($50) or a Adult Day Pass ($20)

Kid Week Long Pass (Under 12) is $30 and Kid Day Pass is $10.

What better way to end a long day then to sit back and enjoy some stand up comedy.

Ron Swallow

When Ron Swallow was faced with the prospect of a talent show when he was 16, Ron felt he had no talent. But someone pointed out to him that he was funny and maybe he should try standup. Ron wrote some jokes about fluffy toilet seat covers and GI Joe, and the rest is history. Having lived the life of a nerd with a terrible name has allowed him to observe his surroundings in a unique and fun way. From making fun of his name(I mean how could you not) to his opinions, on the Lord of the Rings, Batman, Wolverine and video games, Ron will consistently make you laugh. When you’re watching Ron Swallow one thing is for sure, hilarity will ensue.Along with being a regular at the Improv in Los Angeles, performing at clubs across the nation, and also, performing at comic book conventions and shops, Ron has had roles on television’s Ugly Betty and Mad TV.

AJ Sales

Hailing from Phoenix, AJ decided to make the big move Los Angeles to pursue comedy professionally and hasn’t looked back since.   AJ has hit the main stage at clubs like The Comedy Store and Flappers, and opened for names like Maria Bamford, Andrew Norelli, Darren Carter, Adam Hunter, K-Von, Rich Vos, John Roy, and Tyler Boeh. He also tours all over the southwest and headlined at GamerCon 2012 and 2013 in San Diego.  Not limiting himself to stand-up, he graduated from Upright Citizens Brigade’s improv program, and hosts a bi-monthly comedy show with his team, “Beach Ghost”. You can also find him playing video games terribly on his self-titled Twitch stream.”

Michael Delvy

One of the things you can call Michael Delvey is a true Cali Kid. Born in California’s capital Sacramento, but raised in California’s best city San Diego. When he was 14 he watched Comedy Central for the first time, he knew that he couldn’t keep comedic talents just for the internet nerds on message boards. Ever since then he wanted to be a comedian. He did his first open mic at Lestat’s Coffee Shop and now is one of San Diego’s premier comics.   For almost two he has taken the comedy world by storm. Performing with national headliners like Dan Mintz, Christian Spicer, and Dwayne Perkins. Right now he currently hosting a podcast The Awesome Podast Show on

Event: Industry & Cosplay Night

Date: Saturday 26th July, 2014

Location:  Rooftop at 10th Avenue Theatre

Time: 5pm-10pm

Cost: Access is included with the Adult Week Long Pass ($50) or a Adult Day Pass ($20)

Kid Week Long Pass (Under 12) is $30 and Kid Day Pass is $10.

Join game industry professionals at the annual Gam3rCon Industry Night Party. Get a discount on drinks, if you come in costume or if you can show proof of industry credentials!



Songhammer is the creative brainchild of Ben (ShredHammer) Stewart and Dustin (CroonHammer) Miller and the proud winner of the two Blizzcon Talent Awards.  Fueled by caffeine, sorcery, and ramen, these titans of rock drew their inspiration from the worlds of online gaming, fantasy and face-melting ROCK, combining these elements to create a style of music perfect for PVP/PVE gamers, ComicCon fans, live-action roleplayers, and cosplayers around the globe. With the addition of guitarist Devanand (DeathHammer) Bassanoo and drummer Jose (TimeHammer) Perez, SONGHAMMER has become a force to be reckoned with!
For more info check out their website at



Sounding equal parts The Decemberists and They Might Be Giants (by way of Danny Elfman), Chamber Band – a name taken ironically, we’re told – endlessly strives to strike the right balance between playing no-frills indie rock (whatever that means) and telling a good goddamn story. The Brooklyn five-hander has a propensity towards keeping it brief, burning through their jams with hooky, minimalist musicality, stopping only to guzzle their drinks or poll the audience to find out “where the Catan at.”  For more info check out their website at

Awesome City Lights

Awesome City Limits is a band from the suburbs of Los Angeles that decided there weren’t enough rock covers of movie/TV/video game scores.  ACL is dedicated to two missions – bringing rock music and geek culture together in a scorecore fusion that will likely melt faces, and defending the limits of Awesome City.  Band members include Vinny (guitar, vocals), Natalie (violin, vocals), Joe (drums), Bebe (keyboard), Brent (bass), and Alison (violin).  Follow them at

Dez Thril

Not much is known about this illusive jazz-hiphop trio. For all we know, they could be robots sent from the future programmed with a directive to make our delicate carbon based bodies dance and jam to the mellow rhythms of Dez, Andrew, and Andrew.

Event: De-Con-Pression Night

Date: Sunday 27th July, 2014

Location:  Rooftop at 10th Avenue Theatre

Time: 6pm-9.30pm

Cost: Access is included with the Adult Week Long Pass ($50) or a Adult Day Pass ($20)

Kid Week Long Pass (Under 12) is $30 and Kid Day Pass is $10.

Sunday is usually the only day during San Diego Comic Con when there isn’t much to do in the evening so this would be a great way to end Comic Con in style.


The RadioActive Chicken Heads

This motley group of mutants were born in the laboratory of mad scientist Dr. Baron Von Kluckinstein, who was conducting experiments to create super-sized frankenfoods. Since making their national television debut on the Tyra Banks show in 2006, the Radioactive Chicken Heads have toured the US and Canada with fellow puppet rockers Green Jelly, released 3 full length albums, 7 music videos, contributed tracks to numerous compilations, and have even produced their own video game. By exposing the masses to their musical mayhem, the band hopes to bridge the gap between all humans, chickens, and vegetables on earth and beyond! Check them out at


Jedi Elvis

Jedi Elvis is the short answer to the burning question, “What if Elvis was a Jedi?”  Either solo, or backed by his band, the Rockin’ Rebel Alliance, Jedi Elvis promises to teach you the ways of the Force with a lip curl and a hip swivel.  Catch up on the Rock and Roll Jedi’s latest adventures on Facebook by simply searching for Jedi Elvis.  See ya’ on the Kessel Run, baby.

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