NBC TV Promo Reviews


Following on from my Fox promos review, I decided to take on NBC next. There are promos for everyone’s taste here: comedy, crime, fantasy, drama, etc and NBC has brought some seriously good shows to the table. So without further ado, here they are.

A to Z- Romantic comedy which centring on a couple, from their meeting to their breakup.


While this promo comes across as very sweet it doesn’t really excite as much as the others on the list. The chemistry between the leads appears to be good but it would have been interesting to see some more of the secondary characters in the promo. I have mixed feelings about this promo; I think the pilot will give a better idea as to what we can expect.

Excitement factor- 2.5/5

Bad Judge- Comedy that centres on a promiscuous, party loving woman who also happens to be a judge.

This will probably be a guilty pleasure show. It’s not groundbreaking or moving but it made me laugh. The lead character is completely flawed, evident by the line “I had wine and cake for breakfast”, which makes her that much more likeable. After showing her drama skills in Private Practice, Kate Walsh seems to relish playing this role. Again it’s hard to see the direction the show will go based on the promo but as long as they keep the comedy level up it should be good. Perfect for watching with a glass of wine……and maybe some cake.

Excitement factor- 4/5

Constantine- Based on the DC Comic series, John Constantine is thrust into the role of protecting humanity from dark supernatural forces.


So I’ll admit that I haven’t read the comics or seen the film but this promo has made me want to do both. The promo displays the obviously dark tone of the show but still manages to get some light hearted moments in. The lead seems to echo this, although he is obviously meant to be a tortured soul, he is still able to bring some humour. To me this seems like the perfect recipe for good television. It looks like it’s going to be an expensive show to make with lots of action and special effects. Hopefully the payoff will be good, if the promo is anything to go by, I predict good things.

Excitement factor- 5/5

Marry Me- Follows the struggles of a young couple who have recently got engaged.

This show is an instant draw for comedy fans with the hilarious Casey Wilson and Ken Marino taking the leads. It’s similar to Bad Judge in the fact that while it is full of laughs the promo doesn’t tell us too much about the show. The show is the brainchild of the creator of (now cancelled) Happy Endings which had a loyal fan base so I suspect those fans (including me) will transfer over.

Excitement factor- 3.5/5

The Mysteries of Laura- A female homicide detective tries to juggle the stresses of her job as well as her two demanding children.


Comedy crime shows seem to be very successful at the moment which bodes well for The Mysteries of Laura. Her troublesome twins will no doubt provide comedic relief, as well as Debra Messing herself, known for the hilarious Will and Grace. There are hints of seriousness as well, from the strained relationship with her children’s father to the intense cases she works. All in all though I think the show will provide some light hearted fun.

Excitement factor- 4/5

And NBC’s best promo and garnering the most excitement is….

State of Affairs- A CIA analyst has to counsel the president on high stakes incidents occurring around the world, while dealing with her complex personal life.


There are a number of reasons why I love this promo. First of all the leads are two kickass women who are in positions of great power and responsibility. What’s more is they get on, they aren’t antagonistic as so many TV shows and films portray women in relation to each other today. Secondly from the promo you can see there’s going to be lots of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of the seat. I like shows that aren’t predictable and this show definitely looks to be one that will surprise viewers. Thirdly political intrigue makes for good viewing, look at successful shows like Scandal and Homeland. NBC has really delivered with this promo, and personally I can’t wait to watch the pilot.

Excitement factor- 5/5 with cherries on top

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