Convention Exhibitors

Interview with Stephanie Dodd from Soapasaurus

Soapasaurus makes Handmade high quality geek themed soaps and sundriesStephanie Dodd took some time out from her busy schedule to answer a few questions.

You where one of the exhibitors at MCM Expo, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Steph here from soapasaurus!. We specialize in high quality handmade soaps that all have a bit of a geeky twist. This is our first MCM expo selling handmade soaps and sundries to all the convention goers.


Can you tell us about your experience of running a stall full of your own handmade soaps?

GREAT FUN! This has been our biggest event to date and it has been a blast. At first we were dubious about selling our soaps to geeks after all geeks have the stereotype of not washing. But everyone seems to love the soaps, it not something you see every day and people love the novelty of it.


 What’s been your most popular purchase?

Our Tangerine T-Rex in the tub soap was our most popular at this expo, we sold out completely. This soap was a joint project with the cool guys at who did all the cute dinosaurs on the labels and we made the soaps. Being bright orange and smelling like fresh tangerines might have helped a bit to.


What’s been the best or craziest cosplay that’s visited your stall?

Oh that’s a hard one, there are so many cosplayers at expos!. Our team favorite were the old school transformers family complete with baby optimus. We also saw a really cool looking Walter white cosplayer who actually looked like the actor who plays him. (He even posed with some of our blue soap!)

Have you got a favorite exhibitor that also attended the expo?

Its got to be the Amazing Cake Company.

They made the most delicious handmade cupcakes that feature your favorite characters from anime,tv and movies. We lived on these for most of expo weekend, my favorite was the sparkly soot sprite.

What’s your favorite part of the expo?.

Meeting the fans! Its great to meet people that love the same shows and characters you do, which is especially nice when you make a fan made project based on something and the other fans love it to!

Will you make a strawberry Pocky soap in the future?.

Probably not we already have strawberry scented soap :p.

Will you be attending the MCM Expo in Belfast & Dublin?.

We haven’t planned any events for next year yet, but we hope to attend lots of MCM expo’s next year.

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