WARMACHINE from Table top to Desk Top.

As many of you know I have a real love of Kickstarter, but I also have a love of Giant robots, who doesn’t, also I am into Steampunk, hey I love it and I am not ashamed. So with a love of Giant robots and Steampunk naturally I would be drawn to Warmachine. This is a great table top game created by privateer press that involves armies of steam powered robots going toe to toe with each other in epic battles. (There is a parallel game called Hordes that uses giant Monsters instead of Robots).

For a long time now there has been a lot of chatter about Warmachine getting its own PC based game, with indpendant developer Whitemoon Dreams behind the project I was quite happy. Just nothing happened for a long time, then all of a sudden its sprang into action, with a kickstarter to help launch the completed product, the game looks pretty awesome and with the aount of backers they have already burned through a few stretch goals.

This is from Comic-Con 2012 proof I am a fan

This is from Comic-Con 2012 proof I am a fan

This is taken directly from their Kickstarter page – Privateer Press Interactive and video game developer WhiteMoon Dreams have joined forces to bring WARMACHINE to life. Inspired by the predecessors of this hallowed genre like Valkyria Chronicles, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the X-COM franchise, WARMACHINE: Tactics seeks to break new ground for turn-based tactics games by delivering a never-before-seen level of dynamic battlefield combat.

I for one am looking forward to it, it looks amazing and is worth the wait.

To give you a little idea about the world I will tell you about its 4 main faction.


Cygnar is the most prosperous and most technologically advanced nation of the Iron Kingdoms. Cygnar’s ballistic technology is unsurpassed, and the Cygnaran specialty, arcane electrical energy, can fry opposing warjacks’ cortexes, rendering them far less effective in combat. Prominent Cygnaran warcasters include Lord Commander Coleman Stryker and Major Victoria Haley. Recently, the Thunderhead, an advanced jack powered by electricity, has been developed by Commander Adept Sebastian Nemo. Cygnar recently fielded the Stormwall, the largest warjack in the Iron Kingdoms. The boys in blue are very shooty and are kind of the heroes of the series.




The Protectorate of Menoth, formerly part of Cygnar, is a nation of devout religious practitioners. Menite troops are sometimes individually weaker, but their abilities combine to great effect, and they are often designed for denying opponents the opportunity to attack. Menites have a penchant for setting their heretical enemies on fire. Led by the charismatic Hierarch Severius, the Protectorate has embarked on a holy war against their great enemy, Cygnar. Prominent Menite warcasters include Grand Exemplar Mikael Kreoss and the leader himself, Hierarch Severius. The most powerful Menite warjack, the Avatar of Menoth, is guided by divine power rather than a warcaster. Fire and Brimstone, think Fred Phellps with an army of robots.




Khador is the imperialistic, expansionist nation to the north. Their warjacks are much slower than similar combatants, but they possess several abilities and spells that allow them to move faster. In order to make up for their speed, they have the heaviest armor and can deal out massive damage. Khadoran troops, however, are some of the most mobile and best-trained in the game. Khador specializes in freezing enemy troops, making them much easier to hit and destroy. Prominent Khadoran warcasters include Forward Kommander Sorscha Kratikoff and Orsus “The Butcher” Zoktavir. Khador recently fielded the Behemoth, the largest warjack in the Iron Kingdoms. Not including the Colossals. A little Imperial Russia mixed in with A little Soviet Union and a lot of Robots, a great beginner faction.




Cryx is a nation of necromancers who worship Toruk, father of all dragons. They are the masters of dark magic. Their troops, nearly all undead, are numerous, and their warjacks are fast and nimble, but lightly armored. Cryxian attacks often coat their targets in acid, slowly melting flesh and metal. Prominent Cryxian warcasters include Wraith Witch Deneghra and the Lich Lord Asphyxious. Lord Toruk’s legions have finally managed to harness the power of the Deathjack, a fearsome construct commonly thought to be a myth. My personal favourite, Steampowered zombie pirate robotos lead by an evil undead Dragon, quoting from Pacific Rim – Two thousand five hundred tons of awesome!


Further help is here with a basic rundown of the world –

The Warmachine game is set in the world of Caen, upon the western portion of the continent of Immoren. Western Immoren is divided into the following political powers:

The kingdoms of Cygnar, Ord, Llael, and Khador are the main human kingdoms of Western Immoren, collectively referred to as the Iron Kingdoms. They were created four hundred years ago by the signing of the Corvis Treaties. In the in-game storyline that unfolds through the fiction in game manuals and other supplements, Cygnar and Khador are currently at war, and Khador has annexed almost all of Llael. Ord is decidedly neutral in the war.

While the Protectorate of Menoth was historically part of Cygnar, it has recently declared independence (and in fact war on Cygnar). The Protectorate is populated by members of the Menite faith, historically alienated by Cygnar’s Morrowan government. Recently, the Protectorate has declared a crusade against Cygnar, and is mobilizing secret armies that were in existence in breach of treaties with Cygnar in addition to police forces and temple guards.

Cryx is an archipelago off the coast of Cygnar. It is ruled by Lord Toruk also known as “The Dragonfather” as he is the sire of all the dragons of Caen and is a haven for piracy and other evils. The raiding parties of Satyxis and undead are constantly harrying the shores of the other kingdoms.

Ios is the country of the elves. Little is known of it as their borders have been closed for years. What is known is that the elves have lost their gods, but one has returned and another was imprisoned (until recently) by Khador. These gods are dying, and the elves believe that the magics used by the humans is what is killing them.

Rhul is the country of the dwarves. It is currently neutral in the Cygnar-Khadoran war, but it has recently had a friendly attitude towards Cygnar.

For more information check out their Kickstarter page here, the game just looks amazing.

And for what the tabletop game is like check out this video.

If you’re still hungry for more have a look at their home page to by clicking here.

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