Nerd Bites

The Internet and sex

Every city has that area where the ladies of the night gather, it can be in Berlin or even Belfast. The local police here published figures, a while back, claiming a rapid decline in prostitution and even if you drive up those streets they are now empty. So i guess that’s a win for the local authorities, or is it? This is a no brainer, we all know that the internet has changed the game when it comes to sex. Men can now look at all manner of inappropriate vile images on the web, maybe they want to look at 2 girls kiss, or maybe they are more extreme and want to see a woman piss on a man. I am not one to jugde, each to their own, as long as everyone is consenting and no one gets hurt then anyone can go for it. So maybe a few less men are now curb crawling looking for a quick fix because of porn, but there is still a significant portion of men out there who this just simply would not be enough for, what do they do, where do they go, how do they get their fix?

Its simple they use the world’s biggest pimp, Google, all a man needs to do now is type in his city and the word escorts and hundreds of options will come up. Of course you are only paying these ladies for their time what ever happens is up to you, granted many of their web pages details the acts that you can pay for. Maybe that’s a little pricey then plenty of people will find their way to Adultwork, a more armature site that many students use and also, I have been informed by a former lady of the night, many hookers, yes these women have moved off the streets and now work off the web, so nothings changed, except maybe lower CO2 emissions from cars, maybe this is too pricey for you, maybe your’e shy or maybe you want something less ‘in real life’, then the internet has that too, the web site mygirlfund caters to this, its thousands of women looking money for various services over the web, after a day here I noticed the site has 2 types of women, the ones that no they are pretty and want your money and the others are actually nice girls who need the money to pay for collage or even food and families, they are very friendly and love telling you about them selves and whats more even listen to you, yes this again may be fake but for some men its all they have.

Still this may be too expensive for you, seriously if it is rethink your life goals, there are free options many porn sites which market them selves as the porn youtube’s. They even let you tweet and post on Facebook about your favourite video, by the way boys and girls I really don’t advise this, its a little well not classy and if that’s to much effort for you, you can always post an add on craigslist, we at Nerdgeist did just that thing, we had 10 very vile offers by the morning, by the way unless you’re into guys don’t bother.

So this is what we have done with the internet, this is how we have changed at least one profession, I am not one to judge but even I am struggling to see the good points here. I worry that all this sex is now to easy for us to get our hands on. You have to wonder what damage will this do to maybe not my generation but the younger one, the ones who will grow up with this, sex at your finger tips, maybe being able to get everything so easy is not a good thing, just a little thought to leave you all with.

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