Sing a Bit of Harmony: The Perfect Film To Put A Smile On Your face

We have unlimited membership with Cineworld, so whenever we get the chance we spend our free evenings watching movies. This has led to us seeing quite a few films we had no intention of seeing, Sing A Bit of Harmony, was one such movie. We really had no idea what this one was going to be about, all we knew is that there was a singing robot, we had no idea it was going to be an absolutely touching story that had me and my fellow viewers on the verge of tears. But there you go sometimes life gives you little surpirses. 

First off the trailers do not do this film justice, though judging by the film’s content any trailer would struggle to truly convey everything that this film is. Secondly, this one is an anime musical, which is kind of new for me and honestly, it hits every beat perfectly plus it handles being a musical in an absolutely genius and realistic way.  

So why do I love this film so much?

The film has five themes to it, the first is the classic theme of friendship and how we are all built to have our own tribe. Maybe that tribe is family, maybe it is friends but we all need to find that place where we belong, and when we get there we better fight for it, because those people can help make us the best versions of ourselves. Secondly, the film talks about being honest to ourselves and those around us, at its core that is a simple idea, but in a world where we are increasingly using social media to display the version of ourselves we want everyone else to maybe just being honest with ourselves is the most important thing we can all do.

Third up, is AI and technology and how it shapes the world around us. This story is set in our near future, in a town where almost everything is automated and it is fascinating to see what that has done to the world. Theme number four is a look at women’s place in the work environment, I won’t say too much because this one ties heavily into the plot, but it is an important theme.

Finally, the fifth theme is about how little gestures can become big gifts at the right time. We never quite know what course our actions will lead to, but sometimes every now and again a minor token may change someone’s life in the most profound way. these five themes weave in around each other to create this wonderful foundation that the story builds upon.

As for the story, it is a modern fairytale. Sing A Bit of Harmony/ Ai no Utagoe o Kikasete is a film that could easily stand tall with all the Disney classics, while simultaneously poking fun at them. There is singing, romance, drama, action, and a big heroic rescue plus so much more, what else could you want from a story?

As for the singing, well the music just had me hooked, not at first, which I think was the point. But once the film got going I could not get enough and even now find myself sitting here in my study listening to one of the songs.

And finally, the film is gorgeous. Sing a Bit of Harmony is a real visual treat and has zero fan service, so never becomes creepy or pervy. I could easily see this being one of my top picks for the past 6months and will be a film I will happily watch if I am ever having a bad day.

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