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Dynamite: Vampiverse #1

If you love Vamperella then you are going to love this series. I cannot say much because this is the first issue, but from what I can see we are going to be getting multiple Vampirella’s in this series. 

So are you all ready to jump in?

Right off the bat with the introduction of the character known as The Artist, this book already becomes a little meta. Now when I say meta I do not mean some silly gimmick, I just mean that it is a nice subtle touch. The Artist helps bring us into this multiverse and helps give us an idea of what is going on. From what I can gather there seems to be an unspecified dark force destroying each reality one at a time and Vampirella is the only thing that can stop them. So in line with their logic, this force of Darkness and Chaos is killing every Vampirella possible, but all that is about to change… 

In a short while, we jump from the end of a world not too dissimilar to ours to a perfect Eden. So as you might guess there is a lot of room for the artists to play. And play they d, every page is a real treat for the eyes and one could spend hours delving into the art.

This one is perfect for fans of Vampirella and people new to her lore alike. So why not Embrace this new comic book day and grab yourself a copy.


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