The Drew And Look Podcast Episode 3

When Buffy the Vampire Slayer first hit our screens I must have been the target demographic. Being on the cusp of my teen years I not only had a love for action, sarcasm but also girls and like many young men I had a huge crush on Sarah Michelle Geller. But when the show was set to get a spin off based around the character Angel I was not that fussed, because who would want to watch a show about some dude?

Still I decided to give it a go.

After the first episode I was intrinsically hooked. It was darker, more violent and everything I was looking for in a TV series. Angel details the ongoing trials and tribulations of its titular hero, Angel. If you have not seen anything from these shows then I will fill you in. Angel was a remorseless killer, due to the fact he was a soulless vampire, but after he went to far his human soul was restored to him by a Romani curse as a punishment. The guilt of over 100 years of violence nearly breaks the man and sends him running to California. This is where he falls in love with this generations Slayer, which leads to them sleeping with each other and due to convoluted magic he then looses his soul again. He goes pure Evil till Buffy turns him back, but this leads to a period of self reflection that leads him to L.A. where he works as a private detective, taking on supernatural themed cases.

At this point I will sadly admit that supernatural private detective is possibly my all time dream job. Which is in no small part to this show. It would create a few unique characters as well as bringing in several familiar faces. By the final series Angel and his team would be running for a Demonic Law Firm, which would lead to an ending that utterly blew me away. The final season of this show was one of the best, hands down.

If you are familiar with the series then the latest episode of the Drew & Look Podcast will be perfect for you. Andy Luke will is taking a deep dive into all things Angel Season 5 and I for one am excited to listen to it. So why not check the first part now.


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