Who Are “The Boys”?

Amazon have just released the first trailer for their next big show, “The Boys”. At this  point you may be wondering who they are?

Do not worry for that is what I am here to fill you in on. The Boys is set in a parallel Earth, one where Superheroes are real and one where the public worships these heroes, only in this world the old adage: Power Corrupts definitely applies.

In this world Vought-American is the main antagonist, they own multiple superhero teams and use a Nazi created drug called Compound V to have a constant supply of Superheroes. Not only do they create heroes they cover up their darker deeds and even have an in house comic’s department to “give people supes like they wanted supes to be”. Vought know that their heroes are scum  but they do everything possible to cover it up and control them. Their most prominent team is The Seven.

The Seven are very much a dark parody of the Justice League. To the world they are defenders of truth, justice and freedom, but away from the cameras they are truly awful individuals. The initial members of the team where created by Vought-American through injecting perfected Compound V into the fetuses of women who “wouldn’t be missed”. Along with the Seven Vought also own several other teams of “Heroes”.

So how do you keep these Superhuman’s in line? 

This is where our true heroes come in. The boys are a CIA team designed for the black ops and their one and only mission is to keep superheroes in line. They do this through blackmail and brute force. They are a dangerous lot and ones that will make for some truly entertaining television.

This show is going to be very violent, but at the same time it will be pretty awesome.


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