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We are finally at the beginning of the end.

Shattered Grids exciting conclusion is rapidly approaching and Kyle Higgins is not holding back on this epic tale.

When we last left off what remained of the Power Rangers forces where making a desperate all out attack against the Moon itself so they might fight and defeat the evil Lord Drakkon. With several Megazords and dozens of Rangers from all over the franchise, not to mention the infamous Ranger Hunter herself on the prowl, this will truly be an epic battle.

One of the most interesting additions to the battle was the massive and deadly Serpentera, this is the biggest of the Zords and one that the Rangers have always struggled against, I had no idea how they could top this, yet the writers found a way. What we got was a Megazord that appeared to be a combination of Wildforce, Zeo, Ninja Storm and I think Samurai Zords and it just looks out of this world. This is how you do fan service and this is how you do a team up.

At this point I am a little sad that the series will be ending soon, but I suppose this is only natural, nothing good can last forever and not only that the creators of the series have promised that Shattered Grid will have lasting consequences for the series as a hole.

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