Blizzard Punches A Hole in Our Wallets With Their Newest Statue

As characters go Doomfist is someone I have absolutely no talent with, but someone I really want to be good at playing with In my opinion, which is not fact, I feel that he is a very important character. Doomfist represents Overwatch’s diversity and ability to put an interesting spin on tired and worn ideas. Traditionally when characters appear from Africa, they are portrayed as noble savages, or technologically inferior to their Western counterparts. Then in comes Doomfist, he is this Adonis of a man and though he fights with a savage ferocity, while paying tribute to his heritage, he is by no means primitive, in fact he is quite the opposite. Doomfist is refined, skilled and deadly, mixing brute force with accuracy to cause devastation upon the battlefield. The living embodiment of Survival of the Fittest Doomfist is someone that should truly be respected. Both a man of great wealth and a terrorist he is of two worlds.

To honor the character Blizzard have released a new statue of the man and it has just gone on Pre-Order. This meticulously crafted and hand painted statue is something any die hard Overwatch fan will want. So if that statement applies to you then click the link above and enjoy.

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