A look at some of the hidden gems in the Ready Player 1 trailer.

After looking through the latest trailer for Ready Player 1 I am hopeful that it will be a love letter to Geek Culture, though I am worried that it will not maybe pay tribute to some of the more obscure topics mentioned in the books. Though below are some of the shots from the trailer that I feel help show off what the film truly represents.

I honestly feel like I am missing something I see the Bat-Mobile, Mach 5 and a few others, with all the obvious sixer 101’s. Also if you watch the scene carefully you can kinda spot the Mad Max Interceptor and an A Team van too and if I am right Ryn of street fighter fame seem’s to be walking between the cars.

Ahhh our heroes Deloreon, oddly enough in the original book it’s license plate would read ECTO-1  but here it has been changed to his gamer tag.

This is an infamous club scene between Parzival and his love interest the arguably superior Art3mis. If you look carefully you will see Blanka behind them and a Bartender with a hat inspired by the band Devo.

A shot complete with Akira styled motor cycle with light cycle wheels. Judging by the sticker with the Wonder Women logo on it, I presume this Bike belongs to Art3mis. If I am seeing this right the player in the background is Parzival’s best friend Aech

King Kong battling it out over the skyline, though def not an 80’s it still looks epic

Another shot that I am fairly certain I have missed a lot in, but if you look at the forefront you will see a group of Battle-toads and so much more behind them.

I am presuming this is a reference to Say Anything, the old John Cusack movie.

Looks like we have a Harley Quinn fan along with her Joker who seems to be more Heath Ledger than any of the previous Jokers.

This one is an obvious one but holy shit its awesome, Chung lI, Tracer, Lara Croft, undead skeletons and a Terran Marine, ye that is me sold.

This looks like an infamous moment from the book where the remaining contenders for the Easter Egg formulate their final plan to win

Seeing the Original Gundam fills me with such awe, though I really am sure at this point that they have changed the ending, especially if this guy shows up.

No your eyes do not decive you, you are actually seeing a Chuckie Doll, straight up murdering a Sixer

Im still not happy about seeing the Iron Giant here, it definitely means that things have changed, but still I will not judge just yet, I will look forward to seeing a film that is different from the book I read. My only major issue is the quest for the Easter Egg seem’s a lot more streamlined and not as open world as it is in the books. If they really have changed it I feel it’s not doing the audience any justice.

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